2016 Prescott Fireworks Tuesday, Jul 5 2016 

Prescott Fireworks

Prescott Fireworks

We watched the Prescott fireworks from our deck. Two trees have grown over the years so that there are no longer clear sight lines to downtown Prescott. This year the fireworks were launched from the top floor of the downtown parking lot. They were relocated from Pioneer Park where there was higher fire danger and an inability to control alcohol consumption. We learned from the Daily Courier that $20,000 was spent this year with only 90 days of planning whereas last year $80,000 was spent with a full year of planning. The resulting fireworks display was disappointing. In the distance we could see more interesting fireworks probably launched in Prescott Valley.


2015 Annual Review Tuesday, Dec 29 2015 

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Chromecast Sunday, Jan 19 2014 

My sister-in-law gifted us with a Chromecast device for Christmas. We waited until after New Year’s to give it a try. After initially trying to set it up using a TV remote and computer with an outdated operating system, I successfully used my smartphone. It is easy to setup. The device itself can be attached to either a TV’s USB port or an HDMI socket. The setup involves connecting the device to the internet through wi-fi. We almost immediately decided to drop our Netflix DVD plan in favor of internet access to Netflix. The cost is the same but we using Netflix much more now than receiving a single DVD plan through the mail. We recognize that some films available through the DVD plan are not available through the internet. We may make more use of YouTube content now that it is easy to access and provides a better viewing experience on a TV. Finally, we are enjoying Pandora music, too. Additional Chromecast apps are already available with more likely to be offered in the future. Thank you, Dianne, for this terrific gift!

2013 in review Tuesday, Dec 31 2013 

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Heart Health Issues Saturday, Sep 21 2013 

Jerome Vista

Jerome Vista

The laboratory work for my annual physical showed an abnormal electrocardiogram and high cholesterol levels. My primary care physician recommended a stress echocardiogram. I traveled to Cottonwood this past Thursday in order to have Dr. Bruce M. Peek interpret the ecg and stress test results. Dr. Peek is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and interventional cardiology. He practices at Verde Valley Medical Center, Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona. We made this appointment because my wife thought highly of him when he worked at the North Phoenix Heart Center and cared for her late husband. While my ecg showed right bundle branch blockage, he assured me that this problem with the heart’s “electrical” system is fairly common and does not need to be of concern. My stress test results were good. He outlined current knowledge concerning cholesterol levels and outlined two possible courses of action that I might take after reading the Third Report of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) expert panel on “Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults.” He recommended that I start a regime of taking aspirin daily. Because my father was a smoker, Dr. Peek indicated there was no genetic reason for me to be concerned about his heart problems. The scheduler was surprised that Dr. Peek suggested that we not schedule seeing him again for at least three years. With this good news, we celebrated with dinner at the Asylum Restaurant in the Jerome Grand Hotel. We dined outdoors, enjoying views of the red rocks on the cliff on the other side of the Verde Valley. Our drive to Prescott over Mingus Mountain included outstanding views of the full moon.

Arizona Wildflowers on Labor Day Weekend Saturday, Sep 1 2012 

Sweet Four O'Clock

Sweet Four O’Clock

Arizona has some 4,000 wildflowers.  This year’s monsoon rains resulted in a flourish of wildflowers surrounding our Prescott home.  One of the prettiest wildflowers is the sweet four o’clock which stands at just over three feet high with blooms that stand straight up until late afternoon when a white blossom opens to reveal six long stamens and red anthers.  Another of my favorites is the sky blue birdbill dayflower whose three petals and six yellow stamens sits just over a foot off the ground.  Earlier, Colorado four o’clocks graced our front yard. Now displaying themselves are the smaller narrowleaf four’o’clocks with a trumpet shape and five reddish purple lobes.  Small matweed has formed dense, spreading mats of tiny white flowers close to the ground.  Shorthair goldenrod stands three to four feet tall in the side yard.  The deep purple flowers of ivyleaf morning-glory are in a bed near the road.  The white flowers of spreading fleabane and the yellow flowers of curlycap gumweed have joined the long flowering bright yellow butter and eggs and red beardlip penstemon, favored by our hummingbirds, to create a colorful ground cover in our woodland setting.  In addition to the shade from distinctive tall ponderosa pines we have a few pinyon pines and alligator junipers surrounding the house.  Prickly pear cacti bloomed earlier and now show red fruit.  Claret cup cacti are present but haven’t been seen in bloom.  Next assignment: identify the various grasses around the house.  Arizona wildflowers provide a distinctive natural landscape.

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