The Phoenix Symphony performed in Prescott yesterday afternoon. Until two years ago we were Phoenix Symphony season ticket holders usually selecting four performances. We discovered that many of our choices were ones also performed in Prescott. This year the Yavapai Symphony Association is sponsoring seven concerts, five with the Phoenix Symphony. Yesterday’s performance was the second this season featuring, Melita Hunsinger, Phoenix Symphony’s Principal Cellist, performing Robert Schumann’s “Concerto in A minor.” Interestingly, the three movements Nicht zu schnell, Langsam, Sehr lebhaft) are played without a pause. The concert started with Felix Jacob Ludwig Mendelssohn’s “Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in E Major, opus 21.” The concert notes indicate that he “finished it on August 6, 1826 when he was 17 years old.” After an intermission, the concert concluded with Mendelssohn’s “Symphony No. 4 in A Major, opus 90.” Conductor Tito Munoz informed us that Mendelssohn did not allow this piece to be published in his lifetime and that he revised the second (Andante com moto), third (Con moto grazioso), and fourth (Saltarello: Allegro di molto) movements. He did not revise the first movement (Allegro vivace). This symphony, known as the Italian, was published posthumously in 1851, four years after Mendelssohn’s death at the age of 38. We enjoyed experiencing the Phoenix Symphony in Prescott. The Yavapai College auditorium has good acoustics, although the seats are not arranged to avoid possible obstructions from those seated in front of you.