Schoolhouse Gulch TrailYesterday we hiked most of Schoolhouse Gulch Trail #67. We parked near the White Spar Campground. At the 0.7 mile point we intersected with Banning Creek Trail #81 which we have previously hiked. On this occasion we continued on the forest road called the Schoolhouse Gulch Trail. We crossed Groom Creek several times. The trailhead elevation is 5,627 feet and one map indicates 620 feet of elevation change. It seemed like most of our hike was uphill. This in-and-out hike is supposed to be about 2.4 miles one way. We walked probably about 1.9 miles before turning around at a large muddy pool in the middle of the road. Two mountain bikers were returning from their ride when we started our hike and two other mountain bikers passed us when we exited. About one mile on the trail we also encountered a Forest Service employee marking trees with orange paint that should not be removed. He was working near where two trucks were parked and where we could see and hear a couple of other employees deeper in the forest. At the highest point of the trail there were deer tracks and another animal’s tracks that I need to research. It is great that we have so many trails to explore around Prescott.