Standin' on the Corner

Standin’ on the Corner

We thank the Kaufman family for donating land for the “Standin’ on the Corner Park,” celebrating the Eagle’s 1970s song. The park was dedicated on September 11, 1999. Before our dinner reservations in the Turquoise Room, we had time to explore the La Posada Hotel. Tina Mion, co-owner of the hotel purchased in 2002 with husband Allan Affeldt, displayed representative works from her timely “Virtual Election,” portraits of Presidents, and “Ladies First,” portraits of Presidential wives. Interestingly, her original 104 paintings and two jokers were based on a deck of cards produced by the Smithsonian. One of her memorable portraits for me was Nancy Reagan with each of her eyes filled with a diamond-shaped picture of Ronny. There were two nice wooden chess sets although I needed to reverse the Kings and Queens on one set.