The wedding of one of my wife’s nephews provided us with an opportunity to visit Oregon over Labor Day. We took advantage of U. S. Air miles that transferred to American Airlines. Only one of five legs was on American but that one featured state-of-the-art individual entertainment centers. Four of the legs were on Alaskan Airlines and three of those were on small prop jet planes. To offset so many plane changes, Alaska Airlines granted customers on two of the legs with complimentary wine or beer in addition to the usual beverages.

Luke & Lindsay Wedding

Luke & Lindsay Wedding

Camp Lane, a county park located near Walton about half-way between Eugene and Florence, was the site of the wedding. This picturesque 15-acre wooded area on the Siuslaw River and surrounded by the Siuslaw National Forest. The sixty-year-old lodge had a large well-equipped kitchen. Most of the young people brought tents and camped in a large open area surrounded by trees. Some others selected the lodge, an A-frame, a yurt, two open air Adirondacks, or one of four treehouse sleeping structures. We stayed with my brother in Eugene.

Guests were invited to take a selfie with an instamatic camera and to insert their picture with a note in a guestbook. It was possible to have a flower crown made to order. Seven bridesmaids wearing a dress of their choosing were matched with seven groomsmen wearing white shirts with blue ties and pants. The bride and groom are an attractive couple. The minister, an older brother of the groom, performed the wedding ceremony in a dignified and polished manner. As the couple left the amphitheater, lavender was tossed from flower decorated cones. After the practice on Friday night, there was a taco buffet line. After the wedding, we enjoyed barbeque dishes augmented with lots to drink. Both nights featured great campfires. A well-equipped disc jockey played music that kept lots of guests dancing. In addition to a traditional wedding cake, one could choose a pie or brownie for dessert.

The only downside of this event for us was an encounter with a rock on our drive in a rental car back to Eugene Friday night. Since I was not following any car, it is a mystery where the rock came from. We have previously needed to replace a windshield from rock damage, but this rock damaged the hood and chipped the windshield in several places. Sorting out who pays for the damage adds another facet to our lives. Nevertheless, we are so glad to have been guests at the Camp Lane wedding this past weekend.