A dozen area chess players participated in the Prescott Chess Club Quads #6 held at Yavapai College on Saturday, February 27th. This U. S. Chess rated event, directed by Prescott Chess Club President Tom Green, was divided into three sections based on rating.

Chess ratings are a method of estimating playing strength. Unlike athletics whose results can be measured against standards such as time or distance, chess players can be measured only against each other. The U. S. Chess rating system is a combination of the average rating of a player’s opponents and the percentage score one makes against them.

Jeff Hardin

Jeff Hardin

Candidate Master Jeff Hardin, Prescott, won the top section with two wins and a draw. He received $50 in prize money. Spencer Lower, Clarksdale, a chess master and two time Arizona State Champion, finished in second place and received $25 for his record of one win and two draws.

Tom Green, Prescott, won Section B and $50 for his 2-1 record. Joshua Beck and Phillip Ebarb, both of Prescott, shared the $25 2nd place money for their records of one win, one draw, and one loss.

Nishan Arumugam, Prescott, was undefeated in Section C. He won $50 for his perfect 3-0 finish. Jason Solomon, Modesto, California, took second place and $25 with his 2-1 record.