Amethyst Flame

Amethyst Flame Iris

The Yavapai College Trail, the inspiration of student Frankie Coburn, traverses 1.5 miles along undeveloped parts of the 110 acre Yavapai College campus. We entered through the Yavapai College Sculpture and Iris Garden. We discovered interesting irises in bloom with creative names such as Alexander Ragtime Band, Eastertime, Double Down, Everything Plus, Brown Lasso, Kilt Lilt, Amethyst Flame, Lava Moonscape, and Fire Breather. We enjoyed the whimsical sculpture “Leaps and Bounds” by John Skurja (1998) and “Seated Woman” by Michael Anderson (2004). Our walk skirted the Bill Vallely baseball/softball fields. Some of the wildflowers we passed included wholeleaf Indian paintbrush, New Mexico thistle, and desert globe mallow. It was interesting to see the many Veterans Administration homes. We also enjoyed vistas with Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain, the Prescott Resort, and the “P”. We were the only ones on the trail on this quiet Sunday between class sessions. We completed our afternoon by walking around the Yavapai County Courthouse. We parked in the Prescott parking lot and examined more closely the “Art For All!” mural (2007) that celebrates Prescott’s art history. Prescott is a great place to live or visit.