Wolverton Mtn Trail

Wolverton Mountain Trail

On Saturday we hiked 1.8 miles on Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415 before returning to where we parked near the White Spar Campground off Highway 89. The trail, part of the Prescott Circle Trail, meandered through an open pine forest gently rising from 5,620 feet of elevation at the trailhead. There was no shade for the half mile after we crossed Forest Road 9707V. Our turnaround point offered outstanding views of White Spur Mountain, Thumb Butte, and Granite Mountain. We could even see the San Francisco Peaks. Wildflowers including curlycup gumweed, whiteflower prarie clover, fragrant snakeroot, western yarrow, birdbill dayflowers, Navajo fleabane, silvery lupine, fall tansyaster, and common mullein were abundant along the trail throughout our hike..