Thumb Butte & Granite Mtn

Thumb Butte & Granite Mountain

Ranch Trail #62 is yet another new Prescott area trail. When completed, this trail will become part of the Prescott Circle Trail. The trailhead elevation is 6,170 feet. After a quick steep climb, the trail follows a contour line that curves around the mountainside with gentle ups and downs before ending at 6,480 feet. The trail currently extends about 1.7 miles and has small red flags at the end marking were the trail will go in the future. This trail offers nice panoramic views of Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain.  We were also surprised to see the Goldwater Lakes and their dams. We learned that the lower dam across Banning Creek was built in 1923 and the upper dam in 1932. By the way, the lakes were named after Morris Goldwater, a prominent citizen who was the mayor of Prescott more than once, first in 1879. His nephew was Senator Barry Goldwater. Also using the trail were three mountain bikers and two other couples. Another great fall day for a hike.