Phoenix from the National Trail

Phoenix from National Trail

Yesterday we parked one car at the Mormon Trailhead on 24th Street and drove the other vehicle to the Pima Canyon Trailhead on 48th Street.  From there, at an elevation of 1,290 feet, we ascended a mile on a dirt road to the beginning of the National Trail.  The 14-mile National Trail traverses South Mountain Park.  On an azure blue sky day we hiked on the National Trail to the Hidden Valley side trail.  This unique half-mile trail passes through a Natural Tunnel, Window Rock, and the narrow confines of Fat Man’s Pass.  The elevation for this half-miles ranges from 1,940 feet to 2,080 feet.  Several spots require scrambling over slickrock.  Truly, it is a remarkable gem in the midst of the purported largest municipal park in the nation.  After reconnecting with the National Trail, we descended to our second vehicle on the Mormon Trail.  We decided to stop for lunch before returning to our starting point to pick up the other car.  My fortune cookie offered the following advice, “It takes more than good memory to have good memories.”