Parry's Agave & Thumb Butte

Parry’s Agave & Thumb Butte

On Monday we hiked a three mile loop on trails 316 and 317 north of Thumb Butte.  One of the surprises in my move to Arizona three years ago, was discovering the variety of Arizona wildflowers.  Our morning hike introduced me to the lavender colored toadflax penstemon and the orange colored butterfly milkweed.  A few yellow blossomed prickly pears were attracting lots of bee activity.  Unlike in the Galapagos, these prickly pears stayed close to the ground.  Some of my favorite named wildflowers, butter & eggs, were still in bloom.  A purple Scotch thistle bristled toward the deep blue sky.  A distinctive Parry’s agave, a type of century plant, framed itself with our iconic Thumb’s Butte.  Upon returning home a Gambel’s quail with its distinctive top knot peered into a lower level window.  Two deer were spotted earlier in the day and the next day a deer munched on an apple tree in the neighbor’s yard.  The Prescott area has its own flora and fauna, providing opportunities to enjoy nature close to home.