Willow Lake Vista

Vista View

This year’s “Take a Hike” program has introduced me to several new trails including the City of Prescott trails discussed in this entry.  The Vista Trail starts at Vista Park in the Prescott Lakes area.  One segment quickly becomes the Panorama Trail which ends on Solstice Drive where a 150 yard walk connects with the Petroglyph Trails.  The high point is a mesa with an elevation of 5,480 feet and clear views in all directions.  Willow Lake, Granite Dells and distant mountains are visible in one direction, new houses are being constructed near a golf course in the opposite direction.  Bark chips cover the loop trail on top of the mesa which also has an interpretive sign describing images of nearby petroglyphs.  Native peoples viewed the summer and winter solstice from this location.  The summer solstice sun sets in a Granite Mountain notch; the winter solstice sun sets behind Thumb Butte.  Unfortunately, the petroglyphs here and in other locations in this community have been disturbed from their original locations.  Nevertheless, it’s great to have such interesting trails within Prescott.