The progressive rock band Ambrosia played in the Yavapai College Performance Hall last night.  Three of the four musicians who started this band in 1970, Joseph Puerta, vocals and guitar, Burleigh Drummond, drums and percussion, and Christopher North, organ, were on stage with a couple of additions, Doug Jackson, guitar, Mary Harris, keyboards, and a saxophonist for the last piece.  Our balcony seats provided a good view of the stage.  The sound quality, however, was not as clear and precise as I would have liked.  The vocals were muffled, or maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t using my hearing aid, and North spent much of the time fiddling with his speaker.  Ambrosia has accumulated five Grammy nominations and can name drop collaboration with Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Alan Parsons, an Leonard Bernstein.  One has to admire individuals doing what they love for 41 years and counting.