Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, located east of Page, Arizona, is a sculptural masterpiece created by wind, water, and sand.  Juan, our Navajo guide, walked us through the quarter mile portion of the upper slot, stopping to show us the best places to take a picture and pointing out many of the named shapes such as coyote.  A palette of colors filters down the 130 foot sandstone walls providing an awesome sight that is sure to be different on every visit.  According to the Lake Powell USA Visitors Guide, 12-year-old Sue Tsosie discovered what is now known as Antelope Canyon in 1931 while herding sheep back to her home in Kaibeto.  She was drawn to a gash in a huge block of copper-colored sandstone where, when she stepped into the crack, she found herself in a crevice featuring wide chambers alternating with narrow passageways.  My snapshots don’t do justice to this magnificent site.