Yavapai College sponsored the “Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis” as one of their community events.  The orchestra is composed of fifteen versatile jazz soloists and ensemble players (although one trumpet player was ill and unable to perform in this concert), including Wynton Marsalis as music and artistic director and, of course, trumpet.  On piano, Dan Nimmer displayed amazing technique.  Normally there isn’t much to comment on a bassist but not so with Carlos Henriquez who provided solid sound support in addition to an awesome solo.  Ted Nash showed his versatility by playing saxophones, clarinets and flutes; Victor Goines played saxophones and clarinet; Joe Temperley baritone and soprano saxophones and clarinet; Walter Blanding played both tenor and soprano saxophones and clarinet; and Sherman Irby completed the saxophone section which played a memorable piece near the end of the performance.  Chris Crenshaw, Vincent Gardner, and Elliot Mason on trombone.  Ali Jackson Jr. kept the beat on drums.  All of these performers provided a wonderful afternoon of music in Prescott.