The Central Ohio Symphony delighted a full house in Gray Chapel this afternoon.  Some 120 musicians filled the stage and created a full bodied sound.  The Planets by Gustav Holst was complemented by a video created by Dr. Jose Francisco Salgado, an astronomer and science visualizer at the Adler Planterium in Chicago.  The images, masterfully placed with the musical themes, created a sense of wonder about the Universe.  Mars, the Bringer of War captured the full sound of the large orchestra.  The horns, however, in Venus, the Bringer of Peace and in the next movement, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, weren’t up to their solo role.  The strong melodies in Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity corresponded with the colorful red bands of the images on the screen.  The views of the planet taken from its moons were spectacular.  Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age included stunning tinges of green on the planet.  Uranus, the Magician starts with a tour de force but ends quietly as we proceed to the far reaches of our solar system.  The closing Neptune, the Mystic quietly concludes with a fantasia of swirling color on the screen.  What a wonderful presentation.

The concluding piece was none other than the Stars War Suite for Orchestra by John Williams.  Each movement evoked scenes from the epic film.  Plus, members of the Ohio Garrison, 501st Legion, Star Wars re-enactors presented themselves during the final movement.  Darth Vador stole the show, but the costumes of the storm troopers were also very realistic.  Truly, this was an out of this world concert!