Prior to my flight to Singapore, I purchased a Kindle.  IMHO, the Kindle reading experience is fantastic! Of course, I read public domain books on a Handspring Visor several years ago.  Nestled in its cover, the 10.3 ounce Kindle looks like a small notebook. The reading screen is the size of a paperback with six font sizes available.  The image itself is remarkably clear and not subject to glare from the sun. Note, however, that a light source is needed because it is not backlit. Complaints about the page forward and previous page keys are valid; it is easy to accidentally press them. However, when seated for serious reading, whether in my favorite reading chair or on an airplane, reading is a breeze. In fact, it possible to read much faster on a Kindle than with a print book. Rather than turning pages and focusing on pages with different orientations, each page appears at the same place on the screen.  The momentary wait when moving to a new page can be offset by pressing the next page slightly before you are done reading the current page. The Kindle comes with a capacity for holding about 200 books. For a $6 expenditure it is possible to add a 2 GB SD card that will hold another 2,000 or so titles. Initially, I downloaded three recent bestsellers from Amazon, but it is possible to read the first chapter of a book and then choose whether to download it at a cost of @$9.99 per title.  Many public domain titles are available at no cost. My favorite site is which I found after I discovered that The Machine Stops from another site was riddled with typos. The Kindle comes loaded with the New Oxford American Dictionary which makes it convenient to look up the meaning of a word. Actually, it is possible to do a search of a word or phrase in  one or all of the books on your Kindle or the World Wide Web. In fact, the web browser is an unheralded feature of the Kindle that, IMHO, is worth the price of this exceptional device (5 months @ $60 per month). Although listed as “experimental,” the Kindle has full web access at no cost using the Sprint EVDO network.  The Kindle has the capability of listening to audio books or music as well as  downloading of newspapers, magazines and blogs as the time they are published.  Interestingly, this device reverses the customary business approach to the internet.  That is, access is free, content costs.  Read more with a Kindle!