Our safari began with the trip. We have mastered the wonderful MRT system, but this was our first venture on the bus system. As we departed the Ang Mo Kio station, we were offered free transportation on a Han van. We took advantage of this offer but not without some questions. On our arrival the Bornean Tribal Performance entertained us we while we sampled the “American sized” Safari Lamb Burger and other fare with fries and lemonade. Members of the Thumbuakar Tribe performed tribal dance, acrobatic acts, blowpipe demonstrations, and fire-eating displays. They selected a young man from the audience to participate in the show. It turned out that he was quite a ham. A tram ride is the featured method to view animals in shadowy half-light. There are more than a hundred species inhabiting 40 hectares of dense secondary forest. Some of the animals on view included markor, giant rhinos, and water buffalo. At the half-way point in the 3.2 kilometer ride, we deboarded and walked the Leopard Trail. In addition to seeing leopards, we traversed a mangrove forest with bats zooming to and fro. A tusked African elephant majestically posed on the second part of our safari. Next we walked the Fishing Cat Trail where the Indian gharial was camoflaged in the water. Our evening ended with the Creatures of the Night Show. The removal of a giant python from under some of the seats evoked a stir among those seated in that area. The otters, one especially who was a juggling expert, entertained us as they participated in a recycling project. The Night Safari is the best way to see a zoo in the tropics.