Trick or Treat Mini-Swiss 2008 Monday, Oct 27 2008 

Twenty-six chess players competed October 26th in the 17th annual Trick or Treat Mini-Swiss chess tournament.  The three-round chess tournament was held in the Benes Room of Ohio Wesleyan’s Hamilton-Williams Campus Center. This U.S. Chess Federation rated event was divided into three sections based upon each player’s chess rating.  The eight highest rated players formed Section A.  Tom Britt, a chess master from Hilliard, won $50 for winning two of his games and drawing one.  Carl R. Boor, Mansfield, Phillip Seitzer, a senior at Case Western Reserve, and Dave Rutherford, Millfield, split the $25 second place prize money for their records amassing two points. Interestingly, in the first round, when most of the games are usually decisive, three of the four games ended in draws.

Keith Motschman, Columbus, received $50 for winning two games and drawing one in Section B.  Greg Clemens, Roseville, and Will Kirby, Columbus, split the $25 second place prize money for their records of two wins and one loss.

Christian Smith, Columbus, was the clear winner in Section C.  He received $60 for winning all three of his games in this ten-player section.  Garrett Bell, an eighth grader at LibertyMiddle School, Daniel Moyer, Dublin, Andrew Zhang, an eight year old at Glacier Ridge Elementary, and Peyman Majidi, a sophomore at Ohio Northern, split the $40 second place money for their records of two wins and one loss.  A beautiful fall day and hard fought games made this a memorable tournament.

Sing Out the Vote Friday, Oct 24 2008 

This past Wednesday evening was an energizing “suite for change.”  A dozen folksingers performed at the First Unitarian Church of Columbus encouraging participation in the upcoming election.  Holly Near was the key artist who brought together Laura Love, emma’s revolution, John McCutcheon, the Prince Myshkins, Roy Zimmerman, Andre dos Santos Morgan, Vanessa and Tamara Torres, Tory Trujillo, and Poet On Watch.  I especially liked two pieces done by Roy Zimmerman.  In one he used an innocuous metaphor to represent the Presidency.  In the other, he quoted George W. Bush directly to create a humorous but sadly accurate representation of what we have had to live through these past eight years.  The full house appreciated the uplifting music.  Let’s hope we soon can celebrate a change in direction.

Central Ohio Symphony Tuesday, Oct 21 2008 

The thirtieth season debut for the Central Ohio Symphony was this past Saturday.  Gray Chapel is an excellent venue for music where the Klais Organ dominates the stage.  It was appropriate that Robert Griffith, an Ohio Wesleyan University emeritus faculty member, was the guest artist for Josef Rheingberger’s Organ Concerto in G Minor.   Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture and Symphony No. 1 were also played by a full, competent orchestra.  Near the end of the concert an individual had some type of medical issue that created a minor stir in the audience but didn’t affect the final movement on the stage.  This concert warmed our hearts before we exited to the coldest temperatures of the season.

Hocking Hills Monday, Oct 20 2008 

Conkles Hollow Vista

Conkles Hollow Vista

Hocking Hills has several wonderful hikes that are especially memorable on a crisp autumn day.  This past Friday was such a day.  At Cantwell Cliffs we slipped through Fat Woman’s Squeeze to wonder at the sheer cliffs.  Next we toured the Rock House with its seven windows carved out of a Black Hand sandstone cliff.  The Conkles Hollow Rim Trail, a two and a half mile hike through hemlocks in this 87 acre nature preserve, offered views dominated by the yellow and gold leaves of the hardwoods.  Our final stop was a walk down to see Cedar Falls.  Unfortunately, only a few drops made their way down the sandstone cliffside.  The drought of the past few months has taken its toll throughout the region.  Some have said that there are fewer red leaves as a result of this lack of water.  One surprise was how many people, especially students, were on the trails on a Friday.