Anse la Raye beach

Anse la Raye

The British and French took turns ruling St. Lucia many times before the British maintained control in 1814. This beautiful Caribbean island became an independent state in 1979. Interestingly, this nation with about 160,000 people has two Nobel laureates, including Derek Wolcott who received the Literature prize in 1992. Bananas, the primary crop, are facing increased competition as a result of changing economic policies in Europe. Tourism, of course, is also a significant source of income and the island has much to offer. For example, Anse la Raye, on the southwest coast not far from the capital and port city of Castries, has a picturesque beach. We took a bike ride out of the village and traveled on a partially paved and in other places muddy road up into the rainforest. A short hike allowed us to experience the cascading water from the Venus Waterfall, a wonderful destination, but keep your distance if biking with others.