What a difference a year can make. At last year’s King Island Open I was humbled with a disastrous 1-4 record. Granted this year’s sections were divided differently than last year, but my 3.5-1.5 score included two wins characteristic of a swashbukling style of play not seen for some time. It was particularly sweet to win a game exploiting an attack on the g6 square. Gautam Nagendra topped the field of 65 players in the Under 1900 section with a 4.5-0.5 record. In the last round he beat the only undefeated player, Fred Long, who finished in a six way tie for second. Three Grandmasters and five International Masters played in the Open section of 49 players. GM Gregory Kaidanov from Kentucky, International Master Emory Tate from Indiana, and Ohio State Champion Carl Brandon Boor tied for first place with 4-1 scores composed of three wins and two draws. There were 53 players in the Under 2100 section and 58 in the Under 1700 section, including Jim Dohnal, Marysville, with 2-3. Anton Freihofner, Delaware, tied for 9th place with 3-2 in the 53 player Under 1300 section. Allie Claar, a freshman at Delaware Hayes, won prize money for her undefeated 5-0 record in the 36 player Under 1000 section. This year’s tournament had 344 participants making it the largest chess tournament in the state of Ohio.