Susan Gibbons, Associate Dean of Libraries, shared the results of a series of ethnographic and anthroplogical techniques conducted by a staff anthropologist to better understand the campus climate at the University of Rochester. The methodologies for understanding undergraduate students involved photo elicitation exercises, mapping diaries, design workshops, and retrospective interviews. Their findings suggest providing flexibility for students to redesign space; meeting comfort needs including food and drink as well as space to sit, slouch, and lie down; integrate technology and tools from plasma to staplers; staff support should be very generic, all purpose. They especially noted the importance of educating “helicopter” parents to library services during new student orientation. Students are involving parents with research and writing assistance made possible because of the ease of communication through cell phones and e-mail.

Various staff members and one student at the University of British Columbia shared “Models for Collaborative Online Learning: Pedagogy, Design, and Epistemology” that is being used in their Master of Educational Technology (MET) program in 30 different countries for K-12 and post-secondary teachers. They are using inquiry based activities in an effort to establish authentic learning.