The Hotel Vintage Park, my sleeping quarters during the recent EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Seattle, identifies individual rooms with a wine-related name such as St. Laurent Vineyards. A happy hour features complimentary wine and gourmet pizzas. I especially enjoyed meeting Mike Lempriere of Perennial Vintners and tasting his wine from Muller Thurgau grapes grown on Bainbridge Island. The hotel is conveniently located kitty-corner from the Seattle Public Library. The impressive glass structure invited an exploratory stroll. The interior of this modern building is dominated by steel with concrete floors. After taking the fluorescent green-yellow escalator up, it was possible to descend from level 9 to level 6 by walking gentle ramps with Dewey Decimal numbers on floor mats corresponding to the nonfiction collection laid out in a continuous run. Of special interest was the George Legrady six-screen electronic installation visually displaying the subject headings with links to the Dewey Decimal numbers of items being checked out.