Only 24 chess players decided to forgo a beautiful fall day to play in this year’s Trick or Treat Mini-Swiss. John Stopa, a chess master from Worthington and the highest rated player, won all three of his games in the top section of eight players. John Bath and John Hayes, both chess experts living in the Columbus area, tied for second with two wins and a loss. In section B, Leland Masters, Newark, topped the eight player section with two wins and a last round draw. Khao Dao, Columbus, Blair Koman, Newark, and Chris Coski, Athens, tied for second place with two wins and one loss. In section C, Greg Clemens, Zanesville, won all three of his games. Tom Wolber, Delaware, finished second with two wins and a loss. From my casual observation, there were some cataclysmic changes in fortune in several games.