The 63rd Ohio Chess Congress was a six round chess tournament held at the Dayton Chess Club over the Labor Day Weekend. About 100 chess players participated in four sections directed by Riley Driver. Carl Brandon Boor claimed top honors as the Ohio State Chess Champion in the Open section of 29 players. He tied for first place with Mark Heiman from Pennsylvania. Both players met in the fourth round in a game that was drawn and they each drew one other game. Drew Hollinberger from Indiana was the top finisher in the Under 2000 section of 32 players. He also had a 5-1 score that included two draws. My record of 2.5-3.5 included a last round bye so that I could work my regular Monday evening shift. James Lake and Alan Du topped the 22 player Under 1700 section with 4.5-1.5 scores. Daniel Jones won the 18 player Under 1400 section with 5.5-0.5 record. Although not many players participate in over-the-board chess, it’s great to be able to play two six hour chess games each day over three days. Think chess!