Ohio Theatre Sunday, Jul 22 2007 

Twice a year the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA) provides a tour of the Ohio Theatre.  Yesterday was one of those opportunities.  Although construction was completed in late 1927, this theatre didn’t open until March 17, 1928 because it was the custom of Marcus Loew to open a new theatre on a holiday and St. Patrick’s Day was the first available for Columbus.  As was the custom of the period, vaudeville acts and films were interchanged throughout the day.  The films were silent, featuring a Morton pipe organ capable of reproducing an incredible range of sound.  Much to our delight, Clark Wilson demonstrated his talent with this instrument and shared some of his secrets such as pre-setting stops.  We also experienced a demonstration of the lighting.  We then toured the facility learning about the Spanish Moor decor  from the carpet to the 21 foot chandelier, noting details such as the hand painted walls.  The next time I attend a performance in this beautifully restored theatre I will have a better appreciation of its splendor and elegance.  Thank you CAPA!

Columbus Open 2007 Monday, Jul 9 2007 

The 2007 Columbus Open was held this past weekend at the Holiday Inn Airport. The tournament was divided into three sections and attracted about 120 participants. GM Lubomir Flacnik and Ohio Master Bill Wright tied for first place with 4.5-0.5 scores in the Open section of 47 players. They drew each other in the fourth round. Ola Osanyinjobi was undefeated in five games in the Premier section of 36 players. Khoa Dao, the only player to beat me, tied for second with 4 points. I drew my other games in this my first tournament in six months. I was glad the tournament was held after the Fourth this year allowing me the possibility of playing. The Reserve section had 46 players. Adam Neubauer was the top finisher with a 4.5-0.5 record. Local player Jim Dohnal tied for second place in the section. Congratulations to the top finishers. Non-chess players simply can’t understand the mental and physical stamina required to play over-the-board chess.