Despite the U. S. Chess Federation’s not printing an ad in Chess Life, thirty chess players showed up on March 18th for the 15th annual Ides of March Mini-Swiss chess tournament.

Srikar Varadaraj, a sixth grader at Dr. Henry Karrer Middle School and the 19th best eleven-year-old chess player in the U.S., topped the eight players in Section A. Fred Long, Columbus, and Robert Goldberger, Mansfield, tied for second place.

Blair Koman, Newark, won all three of his games in Section B. Christopher Coski, Athens, Brad Hoehne, Columbus, and Bruce Lindman, Delaware, tied for second place.

Steve Wyant, Columbus, was the clear winner in Section C with three wins. Evan Shelton, Blacklick, and Adam English, Columbus, tied for second place.

In Section D, Nigel Wilson, an eighth grader at Buckeye Valley Middle School, won all three of his games. Tom Wolber, Delaware, and David Conner, Columbus, tied for second place.