About 300 chess players participated in this year’s King Island Open. International Master Justin Sarkar and Fide Master Andrew Boekhoff tied for first place in the 30 player Open section. Only two Grandmasters played this year. Under 2200 had 42 players. I played in the largest section, the 48 player Under 2000 section. In the first round I blundered away a won position and my opponent, Federico Garcia from Pennsylvania, went on to tie for first place in the section with four points. My only win came in the second round against the 11th best eleven year old in the U.S., Michael Chiang. My only other claim to fame was playing the longest game in the fourth round. Unfortunately, I was unable to hold on for a draw. There were 47 players in the Under 1800 section, 44 in Under 1600, including two from the local club, 31 players in Under 1400, 33 in Under 1200, and 25 in Under 1000. Tournament chess is tough!