Hofn houses


Hofn, which means “harbor,” is located in a beautiful setting. It has a population of about 1,600. Hotel Hofn, where we stayed, sits right on the Hornafjordur fjord which was like a tranquil lake. We especially enjoyed our morning view of the reflection in the water of nearby homes with mountains in the background. We visited the local Folk Museum, especially noting the stuffed birds and mineral exhibits.

shrouded Icelandic peak

Shrouded Peaks

We stopped at two separate lighthouses. The surrounding peaks were shrouded in a haunting mist. The unpaved Ring Road was squeezed between the North Atlantic and steep mountains. We stopped for lunch in the small fishing village of Djupivogur that has a population of about 500.


Breiddalsvik wildflowers


We also stopped in Breiddalsvik, with a population less than 300, and enjoyed a variety of wildflowers posed against rocky terrain with high cliffs in the background.

Petra Svensdottir blue flower

Petra Svensdottir Garden

We also stopped in Stodvarfjordur, with a population of about 250, and visited the interesting stone collection of Petra Svensdottir. The garden had many colorful flowers amidst the collection of Icelandic rocks and minerals. As we continued our drive, we traveled through a six kilometer tunnel. Truly, an engineering feat.


Reydarfjordur stream

Reydarfjordur Trail

Only two blocks from our hotel in Reydarfjordur was a trail along a rushing stream. Again, the many wildflowers and colorful rocks, delicious smells, and rushing sounds of the water made for a most wonderful pre-dinner stroll. Another fantastic day!