Columbus Zoo Saturday, Apr 29 2006 

Red River hog

Red River Hog

We visited the Columbus Zoo today. The animals, resident and transient, were quite active. Brutus and Buckeye, the two young grizzlies, are often playing, but today both the black bear and an older grizzly, who are usually sleeping, were pacing. The male moose munched tree branches. The barn owl streched its wings. The timber wolf posed in front of his den. The leopard slept in a tree. The Red River hog, pictured below, stood his ground. The sights and smells from a variety of flowers and blossoming trees added to the day, too.

OWU Documentary Film Festival Saturday, Apr 22 2006 

Last night was the 2nd Annual Ohio Wesleyan University Documentary Film Festival. The following three films were shown at the Strand Theatre:

In Haunted Delaware, A Ghost Walk, John Ciochetty, a Public Safety officer, is pictured telling some campus ghost stories. Several students along with a few other staff members share their thoughts and experiences. Scary stuff … not too.

The Old Man on the Mountain features the life of Jim Crooks, blind from an accident when he was nine. A remarkable story of an independent, strong individual who is living a full life in Crooksville, Ohio. Interesting to learn about his family and community support system. He makes art by recycling all sorts of objects.

The Little Brown Jug, produced by Matt Saracusa and Elaine Chun, provides historical background about the development of this race and its importance to the community of Delaware, Ohio.

John Bryan Wildflowers Friday, Apr 21 2006 

yellow trout lilies

Yellow Trout Lilies

Last Saturday we visited John Bryan State Park near Yellow Springs, Ohio. Spring wildflowers were abundant: Dutchman’s breeches, sissile and large-flowered trillium, Virginia bluebells, jack-in-the-pulpit, yellow trout lilies, pictured here, and, of course, lots of violets and spring beauties.